Why 10CC?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and

Albert Einstein

Escape Einstein's Insanity Curse

Many businesses fail to achieve the results they set out to. Why?

Although these businesses seek positive change, namely increases in their: sales, revenue, profits, market share, competitive advantage, financial control, staff engagement, momentum, efficiency, agility, value, quality, customer demand, and so on, they are stuck in "Einstein's Insanity Curse".

In their attempt to swiftly escape Einstein's Insanity Curse, many businesses are tempted by promises of a “magic” easy fix involving the minimum change, inconvenience or financial cost; the type of "solution" that maintains the status quo, but guarantees more of what they want.

Expecting things will miraculously get better in time, "pick-up" or "turn around" without EFFECTUATING change is a recipe for disaster, disappointment and retrospective regret. We call this wishful thinking.

That's why EFFECTUATORS say:

" (what you are doing and the way you are doing it)."

Shams or makeshift, cosmetic band-aid "solutions", such as a new marketing campaign, appointing report-producing consultants and committees, or a PR makeover - do not address the core issues, and therefore will not result in meaningful sustained change.

What's required are real solutions, which inherently involve fundamental change to thinking, competencies, strategies and implementation that take us out of our comfort zone.

If you don't change these, you're not after real improvement, you're after magic - a sham.

We're not magicians, we're EFFECTUATORS

EFFECTUATORS take a no BS stance on how results can be achieved. We promise real solutions that deal with the underlying factors contributing to business and personal underperformance.

Leave magic to magicians and to us.

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