EFFECTUATORS can provide the diagnosis, options, high-level vision and strategy - right through to tactics and implementation across all 10 Critical Competencies, tailored to your specific business needs and budget.

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Discover, Unlock, Increase Your Competitive Advantage

What You Make / Sell

Many businesses underperform because they have a "me too" product or service that the customer is ambivalent about or can get from a myriad of other suppliers. If you do not have a differentiated, irresistible offer in your marketplace (local, national or international) – you are in for a world of pain (competition).

The simple, undeniable reality is that the customer controls the market – they determine which brands and companies are successful and which aren't. Businesses fail because customers don't buy from them, and more often than not, this is because what they are offering the customer is not irresistible and unique.

Customers deal with you to get the outcomes and benefits of your product / service and they will choose their provider of these products / services based on what is better, easier, faster and cheaper. They don't really care about your story - they care about how your story fits theirs. So, if you want to be part of their story you will need to offer something that makes them go "wow!" and noticeably makes their life easier, more pleasant or more exciting.

Leading businesses and brands understand that we are in a changing marketplace where you cannot afford to have an undifferentiated offer and story if you want to reach customers and compel them to buy.


Minimise Losses, Maximise Returns

Strategic Financial Decisions
  • What should you invest money, time and effort in?
  • Is the risk worth it?
  • What opportunities should you jump on?
  • What opportunities should you confidently say "no" to?

These are decisions businesses and investors struggle with every day.

Misjudging any element of the decision-making process can lead to:

  • Small to severe monetary losses
  • Wasted time and "opportunity cost" (by chasing one opportunity, you invariably say no to another that could be more lucrative)
  • Painful disappointment and regret

EFFECTUATORS help you determine what to invest your time or capital in within your business(es), by assessing if the opportunity fulfils the 5 required criteria. We'll work through the exact questions you need to ask for each investment decision so you make the smartest choices that involve minimal risk – and end your struggle with the "fear of missing out".


Create Your "Irresistible" Products & Services

Marketing & Sales

Many companies view marketing as something you tack on the end, once a product or service is created. Often businesses focus on the latest tactical fad, without first honing their strategy, resulting in a colossal waste of time, money, and effort. There's no point in creating marketing collateral (tactics) in the hopes it will increase sales, if you do not have an irresistible offer.

The real object of marketing, as expressed by "the Father of Modern Management" Peter Drucker, is "to make selling redundant". If you want to sell anything, people must perceive it to be of value. They must want to buy it - an irresistible offer. If your offer is not irresistible, your conversion rate will be a fraction of what it could be and you will inevitably be wasting your time and money.

EFFECTUATORS will assist you to execute the 4 critical components of marketing in your business so you can:

  1. Profitably create and deliver exactly what your marketplace is crying out for.
  2. Craft an irresistible offer and seductive brand story that intrigues and magnetises your target market.
  3. Be the remarkable stand-out in a crowded or highly competitive market.
  4. Focus on the customers / clients who are not only interested in your product / service, but will buy!

100% Organisation / Stakeholder Alignment

Mission & Values

Many businesses perceive mission statements and company values as a well-meaning HR exercise that has little effect on financial outcomes. What many business owners and directors fail to understand is that values are fundamental to effective staff recruitment, engagement, governance and retention.

What distinguishes "visionary" companies from average ones?

In Built to Last, Collins and Porras studied and discovered the successful habits of the top 18 "visionary companies" at the time, these being the financially profitable companies with staying power of over 50 years.

It was found each visionary company had a clear "Mission", comprising of purpose and values that were engrained in the company culture and zealously adhered to.

Why having a purpose pays...

A company mission aligns all resources with a central goal, magnifying the likelihood of achieving it. Values help to shape the desired culture and empowers team members to make the right decisions and take the right actions in the best interest of the business.

Without a vivid and compelling mission and explicitly defined values that are documented, distributed and repeatedly communicated, staff have no clear sense of the company's direction, what they are working towards, and the type of behaviour that will ensure that they fit in and thrive in the company.


Outstanding Totally Committed Staff

Your People Are the Business

Your business and your team is only as strong as your weakest link. That's why the strength of your business starts and ends with your staff.

Often businesses fail to hire the right people because they:

  1. Base their decision on interviews tied to a loose job description rather than specific proven competencies.
  2. Focus too heavily on hiring the right person for the job at hand, without taking into consideration whether they are also the right fit for the company.

EFFECTUATORS can show you how to:

  1. Consistently recruit high-performers that are emotionally invested, committed and engaged.
  2. Create a winning culture with staff buy-in and advocacy.
  3. Minimise staffing requirements whilst maintaining the volume and quality of work, by optimising staff productivity and efficiency.
  4. Seamlessly delegate jobs to existing staff to achieve the most cost-effective and efficient balance of resources.

Financial Control

Accounting, Measure, Monitor

Financial Control is knowing and understanding the exact financial position and addressing the performance of an organisation at any time.

EFFECTUATORS have observed that most organisations are spending 25-80% more than necessary on their accounting function.

This is tied to the results and reports being either:

  1. Accurate but inefficient, or
  2. Inaccurate, late & inefficient

So how can something that is really no more than adding up a series of numbers end up going so wrong?
"The unconscious incompetence and lack of real-world experience of the accounting staff, external advisors and managers."

EFFECTUATORS will re-engineer your accounting function and create a custom expert inhouse accounting system that will result in the following improvements:

  1. Increase accounting staff productivity by 50 – 300%
  2. Decrease the total cost of accounting staff wages by 33 – 80% (minimise the number of accounting staff required)
  3. Decrease accounting staff learning time by 65 – 95%

No Negative Surprises: "Under-promise &

Management, Accountability & Governance

Managers must excel at:

  1. Leading / Inspiring
  2. Planning
  3. Organising
  1. Controlling
  2. Forecasting
  3. Delivering

Why? - Your success depends on it!

These functions can not be effectively fulfilled without a culture of accountability and governance. Over the past two decades, social apathy and political correctness have bred a culture where individuals aren't sufficiently held accountable. There are always a myriad of excuses for under-delivering. Businesses need to replace this culture of complacency and hubris with an obsessive pursuit of excellence if they want to survive the next 10 years.

EFFECTUATORS will assist you to recruit and train your leadership team (board members, directors and managers) to expedite results through effective management, accountability and governance. We equip you with our innovative Expertise Management System to support all levels of management to easily supervise and monitor the performance of their team and quickly deliver progress reports on all jobs and projects.


Market-leading Efficiency

Business Process Re-engineering & Management - BPR + BPM

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is the practice of fundamentally re-thinking and re-designing the way work is done to dramatically improve customer service and efficiency, while Business Process Management (BPM) focuses on the ongoing analysis and design of workflows and business processes within an organisation to identify opportunities for improvement. The need for continuous BPRM has never been more important.

This is due to a multitude of factors, including:

  1. More informed and demanding customers wanting much more for much less,
  2. The rapid advancement of technology,
  3. Outsourcing to highly qualified overseas providers charging 1/5 of local rates,
  4. Extreme competition from new disruptive model entrants with no legacy issues, and
  5. The dawning of the commoditisation of expertise - "the expertise age / revolution"

EFFECTUATORS will undertake a high-level review of your organisation to evaluate how your business model can be
re-engineered to maximise revenue and efficiency. We can also assist you to create the systems, processes and documentation for seamless implementation, which can then be used to quickly and easily train staff.

What's more, we show you how to integrate BPRM into your everyday workflow using an Expertise Management System. This substantially cuts operational costs, enabling you to provide an easily differentiated world-class competitive product or service to the marketplace - better, easier, faster and cheaper.


Finish Jobs Expertly and Efficiently, for ½ the Cost

Expertise Management System (EMS)

Business owners, managers, strategic investors – are you ready for the hyper-competitive future?
The commoditisation of expertise and intellectual property is coming. This will create even more extreme competition from both local and global suppliers, revolutionising professional service and office administration jobs.

Organisations will need to rapidly undergo significant to massive transformations over a short period of time to survive and thrive. Expertise Management Systems are the latest in high-powered IT for improving business efficiency and performance.

An Expertise Management System enables organisations to:

  1. Finish jobs expertly and efficiently, in the minimum time
  2. Create products and services for the minimum cost
  3. Convert information and know-how into immediately actionable expertise
  4. Seamlessly handover, delegate, monitor, track and manage staff jobs and projects
  5. Administer succession planning with no additional effort
  6. ... and much more!

EFFECTUATORS make sure you get the best from your IT investments by training staff on the optimal use of our EMS and demonstrating its huge benefits in our sessions.


Create & Predict Your Future

Strategies & Tactics

Business success is not a lucky accident – it's engineered, with well thought-out strategies and tactics (captured in plans) that are expertly implemented. In addition to insufficient planning and implementation, a lack of business success often stems from:

  • Unconscious incompetence – It's impossible to devise a successful plan if you don't know and apply the 10 Critical Competencies (you don't know what you don't know).
  • Uncertainty – Doubt and indecisiveness will cripple your efforts to move forward with confidence if you have no clear strategic direction and are unsure of what tactics to prioritise.

Without a clear strategy and plan to achieve it, it's impossible to build the required momentum to achieve rapid results.

Get the closest you can to predictable success with EFFECTUATORS

EFFECTUATORS help you determine the right strategy and tactics to win more business, bolster sales and reinvigorate your people. We devise these through a unique creative-thinking process incorporating the 10CCs, which has been honed through delivering results over thousands of projects, for hundreds of Australia's largest public companies. We're always focused on finding the path of minimal risk and maximum ROI, to engineer a thrilling but secure future for our clients.