Legal Expertise Management System

Cut total internal & external legal costs by 25-50%

Our Legal Expertise Management System (LEMS) combines our installation with an EFFECTUATORS Custom Diagnosis & Start-up Session to fast-track cost savings in your legal department, whilst preserving quality.

What does LEMS deliver with expertential?


reduction in total legal costs


transparency & cost control


increase in legal staff productivity


decrease in learning time

What is expertential?

expertential is an Expertise Management System software that converges the latest forward-thinking Legal Project Management tools, Knowledge Management practices, staff experience, and people / HR management to capture, share and re-use your organisation’s highest legal expertise.

Who is LEMS for?

  • General Counsel
  • Heads of legal departments
  • Legal affairs directors and managers

Overcome your most urgent and difficult challenges

  • Internal pressure from CFO & CEO to provide better value & efficiency
  • Reducing expensive outside legal costs, surprise bills & scope creep
  • Inefficient & inconsistent processes draining the budget
  • Lack of communication, transparency & predictability from outside counsel
  • Little time to work on the inhouse legal team's strategic contribution
  • Team has the technical skills, but lacks important business & commercial skills

Maximise the efficiency & expertise of your inhouse legal team,
& reduce your reliance on external counsel services

EFFECTUATORS will show your inhouse legal team how to use expertential to plan (break down / budget), manage and finish legal jobs and projects in the most expert and efficient manner to achieve the most qualified and cost-effective balance of resources that minimises the need for external assistance.

We work directly with your inhouse team to set you up for the optimal use of expertential that will enable you to achieve the maximum results in the minimum time.

Special offer for acla members

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First 20 members save 80%

The difference between your results-based delivery method and the approach of other consultants with whom I have worked, is stark… For any organisation, large or small, wanting to grow their business, become more efficient and reduce costs or that is battling a changing marketplace, I can strongly recommend using the EFFECTUATORS team.

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